Friday, October 2, 2015

Welcome Back Fellows!!!

                                 Feeding goats at the Interfaith Food Teaching Farm 

The Fellows Program has been in full swing this school year.  We held a fellows orientation the first week of August for our 11 new sophomore fellows.  We were lucky to have Hargrave McElroy and Ellan Maynard come to speak to the fellows about Elizabeth and her role as a mother, advocate, and educator.  We also, as a group, volunteered at the Interfaith Food Teaching Farm.  

In August we also held a mentor training for 17 new mentors who were assigned to the new cohort of fellows as well as some junior and senior fellows.  These mentors mostly consist of college students and young professionals working in the area.    

Since the beginning of the school year, the fellows have been meeting with their mentors and participating in weekly meetings.    The senior fellows are busy completing their college applications.  We have visited East Carolina University and UNC Greensboro so far this fall, and plan to visit North Carolina A&T in November.   We have also participated in two other service activities-- one at NC State benefiting Breast Cancer Research, and one at the 2015 Fall Harvest Festival.  Finally, we have started a couple new programs for fellows and Wade Edwards Learning Lab (WELL) members.  The WELL Running Club helps train runners and walkers to complete a 5K in November.  The WELL Writing Lab helps students organize, construct, and edit their school papers and college essays.

                                                 Senior Fellows Visiting ECU!

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