Friday, December 2, 2016

November Fellows Spotlight!

Name: Jamila McKinnon

Grade: Junior 

What is your favorite thing about school?
Getting to see all of my friends everyday and having the opportunity to learn new things everyday. 

What are your interests outside of school?
I love dancing and crafting.

What advice do you have for younger high school students?
"Don't give up! Even though things might seem hard in school at the time or your grades aren't looking how you want, just hold in there and try harder. Don't give up or try to find short cuts out of you situation. Instead stay put and and find ways to make the best out of your situation."

What is the most rewarding part about being a part of this program?
I get support from my mentor and learn new information in the meetings. 

What are your eventual college and career goals? 
After i graduate from a 4 year college, I plan on going to Medical school to study to become an OB Gyn 

Tell us something about yourself we wouldn’t know or guess. 
I like learning about the human anatomy