Thursday, October 22, 2015

Catching Up With Our Freshmen College Fellows!

Check out what one our fellows from the first inaugural fellows class is up to in college!!!

Name: J'Nyce Poe

What college are you attending? I am a freshman at North Carolina Central University

What are you studying? I am majoring in Business and getting a minor in Psychology

How do you like your classes?  I love my classes.  I am taking 15 credit hours and making all A's and B's.  I especially like my History and Intro. to Geography class.  I'm really getting to know my teachers and attending office hours so they know me.

What else have you been involved with on campus?  I am involved with the Nixon Thorpe Psychology Club, the Eagle Sisters, and Gospel Choir.  I also work at the Music Library.

What do you like most about college? I like being on my own and being responsible for myself.  I also like making new connections and networks with people.  It's great being able to provide for myself.  

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