Thursday, January 5, 2017

New Year's Fellows Spotlight!

Name: Makayla Evans-Coleman 

My favorite thing about school is that you have a voice, you can choose the classes you want take and the clubs you want join or even start. My interest outside of school is learning about animals for example, how they live,what they eat and how they communicate certain emotions. Advice I would give to a younger high school student is a social life isn't important if the people you socialize with do not help you or impact you in a positive way. The most rewarding part about being in this program is being able to educate myself on what's out there in life for me study or be apart of and bettering myself for college. My eventual college and career goals is to go to NC State, go to vet school and become a successful veterinarian. Also, I hope I am going to travel to other countries to help sick or hurt wild animals. Something about me you wouldn't know about me Is that I'm very crafty I can sew, draw and etc. Also, I wanted to be a artist or fashion designer when I was in elementary school. 

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