Wednesday, December 2, 2015

November Fellows Spotlight!

Meet fellow Ty’Shae’ Cousar, our spotlight of the month! 

Grade: Senior

What is your favorite subject in school? English and Theater

What are you favorite hobbies?  Listening to Rihanna, and anything involving fashion including, but not limited to: picking out clothes, buying clothes, choosing accessories or shoes, reading fashion magazines, watching TV shows involving fashion, joining fashion websites, stalking fashion bloggers and reblogging fashion on tumblr.

What are your career interests?  To work in fashion or become an actress  

What do you like about being in the fellows program?  What I LOVE about the fellows program is that this program gives me the support I need and makes me feel even more hopeful about my future. I love the guidance that I receive from Sarah and her lessons and all of the new things I learn about achieving goals and success!

What do you like best about having a mentor? What I like best about having a mentor is that I have someone who can keep me on the right track and who guides me through the steps I need to take in order to reach my goals in life. Azia is like a sister, because not only do we talk about college- related topics, but we also talk about life and how to deal with issues that come our way. 

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