Friday, April 11, 2014

March Mentor of the Month!

Sha’Michael Lilly is in her second year of mentoring two fellows, Cynthia Lee and Albertine Voza.  Sha’Michael is a junior at NC State University studying Social Work.  She has really enjoyed getting to know each of her fellows on a more personal level.  While her fellows are both very different from one another, she really admires their focus and drive when it comes to getting a good education.

During her first year of mentoring, Sha’Michael was able to bring her fellows to two of her classes on campus. This was a great opportunity for them to ask various questions about college life and get a firsthand experience of what it feels like to be a college student.  The fellows also really enjoy their discussions with Sha’Michael and like how kind and understanding she is.  They especially appreciate how Sha’Michael helps them to set up their goals and make the right choices in life.     

Overall, Sha’Micahel has really enjoyed exposing her fellows to the college lifestyle, which is something she was never able to experience as a high school student.  She realizes that many young people may lack stability and inspiration, or anyone to look up to. Mentoring programs can serve as the connecting factor between youth who may feel lost or broken and adults who want to inspire and build them up.  

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